Friday, February 26, 2016

Lincoln Towing Is Now Under State Investigation, Could Be Shut Down

CHICAGO — The Illinois Commerce Commission is investigating whether Lincoln Towing should be allowed to keep operating after "multiple violations and alleged violations of state law," according to the agency.

The ICC has investigated Lincoln Towing in 166 cases since July, according to the agency. The cases ranged from allegedly overcharging drivers and moving authorized cars to having improper invoicing and signs.

Lincoln Towing was found guilty of a violation in 28 of those cases, while 47 were closed and 92 are pending, the agency said.

Now, the agency will use those cases, any criminal records of Lincoln's owners and employees and Lincoln's safety record to determine whether it is fit to hold a license and should be allowed to operate, ICC Commissioner Miguel del Valle said.

There was no immediate comment from owners of the towing service Thursday. The company is owned by Protective Parking Service Corp., according to the ICC.

In early February, an Irving Park family reported its car had been taken by Lincoln Towing even though the car had been in its designated parking spot for months, and the family had satellite images to prove it. Lincoln Towing eventually gave the car back, saying the tow truck driver was new.

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